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:: Destination Fame 2012 ::

Happy Monday ya'll!!!!

I might have mentioned in earlier posts that I've been working on my Destination Fame entry for this year. For those of you who aren't familiar with it, it's a competition set up by Matrix professional (the brand of colour I use in the salon) and is opened up for entry each year to all stylists using Matrix products.
It used to be the case that you had to submit just a head shot, a lifestyle shot of your look and a small description of why you feel this is on trend for that year. As of last year they have changed it to before and after shots which I think is WAAAAAAAY better!
It means that you can show off your abilities much better. :)

So I've been working on this years entry for about a month now and really wanted to push out the boat!
Changing red to blonde...... risky I know but I didn't want to play it safe. I'm really lucky as my friend Suzanne is always up for anything!!! Here's how she looked before......

(She looks knackard here!She's a support worker and had come from a sleep over....what a legend eh?)

We had to bleach the colour out which I knew was going to be difficult but like I said Suzanne wasn't bothered with how it turned out.
She's actually got really strong hair so we got away with bleaching it twice without there being any damage! Her hair was still really warm though so I toned it with a warm blonde and booked her back in for a months time to get it redone.
I wanted to give her hair a rest before we tried again, here's how it looked when she left.....


Still a lot of warmth as you can see but it helped that I cut a shit load of it off. A month later I got her back in to re-bleach her hair and redo the cut.......

             (LOL Dave and Lisa look so serious in the background!!)

 I was mega chuffed at how blonde we got it! It was still a tad warm so I toned it with a violet toner and sent her way with some violet shampoo.(Helps to clean out any yellow tones in the hair)

And so to the day of the shoot!!!
I was nervous as hell!!! 
You never know how your work is going to look until you see the pictures, I have actually done shoots in the past that I thought had gone fine, got the pictures back and fucking hated them! It's so frustrating when that happens but I was prepared! ;)
I'd taken my laptop so we could upload the pictures throughout the shoot and see if there was anything me and Dave weren't happy was super helpful!


(Suzanne having her make-up done by the wonderful Adele! How awesome is her tattoo by the way?)

(Me working on Suzanne's hair....notice that product she has in her hands??? I'll be posting about that soon.)


              (Suzanne waiting to get in front of the camera!)

The shoot couldn't have gone better! My only problem is deciding what picture to choose, I have the rare luxury of actually liking them all and loving quite a few! ARRRRGGGG! I've never been so mad at something so great hahahahaha! ;)

Everyone that we worked with was fantastic! 
Adele was great at giving us suggestions on the make-up that we wouldn't have thought of originally and was a pleasure to work with. 
Allan(the photographer) was great too, very open to suggestions and a perfectionist! I've found, in the past, some photographers VERY difficult to work with but Allan was great!
Dave's model Willam was a great laugh and his pictures look great too, he was really natural in front of the camera as was Suzanne.

Dave and I are going to have our work cut out for us for sure! o_O

What happens next you might be wondering?
Once we have chosen our pictures, we then send them to Matrix along with our description. 
Matrix then post our work on their website and open up an online vote. I believe that the 2 or 3 entries that get the most votes are automatically through to the finalist stage so I might have to be cheeky and ask you guys to vote which would be a great support! <3 ;)

Well I better get to it, those photos aren't going to choose themselves are they? Lol!

What did you think of Suzanne's transformation?

                       X Bokusouchi X


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