Saturday, 24 March 2012

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Looky, looky what I've got.............


Oh yeeeeeeaaaaaaah!!!!
So chuffed I've done the first part of my training! As it says on the certificate, I still have to do 5 full heads before I get my full certificate but I'm on my way! ;)

So how was the course?
First day was a HUGE amount of theory which sounds dead boring but Julia encouraged us (there were me and two other girls, Jennifer and Sarah) to bring any of our own/ friends etc hair extension stories up that were relevant so although it was a lot of info, I think discussing it casually actually helped it sink in!
Julia had everything sorted for us from consultation check sheets to client disclaimer forms! All the paperwork is pretty much done for us.

Day two was practical, the three of us trying out the technique.
Julia wanted to make sure that we understand the method completely, we took it in turns to do a few rows each while Julia watched. I was incredibly nervous when it was my turn but Julia put me at ease and guided me through it. I have to say it was pretty amazing finishing the first row and looking back at what I'd done! The start of the row was kinda messy but by the end of it it was a lot neater.....I was stunned! In all fairness Julia did say that would happen but when your trying something out like this for the first time all you can think is "How the fuck am I going to do this???"

It was really interesting getting to know both the girls on the course too. Sarah, like me is a hairdresser so as you can imagine there was LOTS of hair talk! I think subconsciously you think because your a hairdresser you'll take to it better but I think we were both amazed at how different extensions can be to what we do day to day!
Jennifer hasn't done hairdressing but Julia hasn't either she passes her clients on to a hairdresser. Both girls are lovely and we are keeping in touch! We've decided to get our hair extensions done by each other, I'm actually really excited to get them done for the first time!!!

As soon as I got home I ordered my kit, which really isn't that pricey. The only thing I had to decide was what supplier I was going for and order my colour wheel, it was about £45 but well worth it! Check out the colours!!!!


What a selection right?!
After the course I set about looking for my 5 case study heads and was so impressed that I had all booked within half an hour! Sweet!
I have to take before and after pictures of the 5 and send them to Julia so she can make sure I'm doing it right. If she feels I am then I'll get my full certificate!

I'll let you all know how I get on!

X Bokusouchi X

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