Sunday, 4 March 2012

:: Paint Ball ::

So I've been pretty busy this past wee while!

It was Simon's birthday (Craig's friend) so we were all invited to go......wait for it......... paint balling.
Now, not exactly my thing but as it was his birthday I thought I'd give it a go; hell, I might even enjoy it!
The outfit was, well..... less than desirable but I thought it was a laugh! ;D

                                       (Us all ready to get started!)

                                             (Me shitting myself!!)

It was great fun but fuck did it hurt!!!!
To be honest I was really lucky for most of the day until...........................


OUCH! Right in the bloody leg! I actually fell on the ground it was that sore!
Does look that bad? Here's how it looked 2 days after.......


Yeah fucking sore.
So verdict on paint ball? Totally awesome fun if :

1) You like physical pain
2) Love C.O.D so much but aren't hardcore enough to join the army
3) Have a lot of pent up rage you need to get rid of

Don't get me wrong we had great banter but I'm just too much of a girl for paint ball! I'd maybe try laser tag or something! Ha ha!

Have you guys ever played paint ball? Thoughts?

x Hayley x


  1. One of my friends had a paint ball party for his birthday, but I had to miss it because it was right in the middle of my very intensive TESOL course. I'd like to try paint ball ONE DAY but TBH didn't feel like I was missing out too much (I joined them for a couple of drink later, anyway)!

    I'm just not that hard core, plus I bruise easily. :P

    1. Hehe! I bruise easily too as you can see!
      If your worried about that why not try laser tag instead? The place we went had both and I'd defo go for that next time instead of paint ball! :P <3