Sunday, 4 March 2012

:: Party time ::

 My sister got her new flat! YAY for Charlie!
What better way to christen the flat than a party! (And a great time to use my camera too!)
I would have had an other party to blog about as well but I got a sickness bug so missed my friends leaving do, gutted to have missed it.

So as you can imagine there was A LOT of drinking going on! My sister had got shots galore on the go so here are probably the only suitable pictures I can share! ;)

(Excuse the state of me here, I had come straight from work and was probably covered in other people's hair. Yuck I know but being there on time was more important than my vanity!)

      The gang! Minus me and Dave who was sitting beside me.
(Yeah, I can't get enough of this setting on my camera if you hadn't noticed yet lol)

                                  Me and Charlie quite hammered!

We had an amazing night!
I had work the next day so had to leave early to sleep it off but these crazy dogs carried on well into the next day. I kept getting texts trying to get me to leave work and come join them.......bastards! ;P
Safe to say Charlie was in no fit state to make it to Ashligh's Ann Summers, which was a shame, we had crazy fun! (As I'm sure you girls all will know about!)
Bought some 'interesting' things. ;)

How was your weekend shenanigans?

X Hayley X

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