Monday, 9 April 2012

:: Giveaway & Destination Fame ::

Right so I know you guys must be sick to the back teeth of my Destination Fame posts so I'll make this bit quick.  ;)
The online voting has begun and it would be great if you guys could vote for me(if you have already THANK YOOOOOOOOOU!!!) here's the link......... Destination Fame!!!

Shameless plug, I know! ;)

So, for all of you that have entered my awesome giveaway, it's now closed and the winner will be posted here towards the end of the week. Check back for updates!
I'm not sure if I've mentioned this earlier but to make the competition fair I won't be choosing the winner. I've enlisted the help of my sister Charlie so she will be reading through all your entries this week. ;)

In other news, It's my birthday on Wednesday! WOOHOO!!
My sister Charlie had been trying to organise a surprise party for the people that can't make my Aberdeen trip but I had my staff night out so she had to tell me about it. (How sweet right?!)

So here's all the Time crew out hitting Inverness.......

 (I was laughing for ages at Steven in this photo...he looks like he's totally bombing the picture!LOL!)


We scrub up well don't we? (^_^)/

So after dinner I stayed for one drink and then headed up to Charlie's flat. She had put up banners and balloons, it was SOOOOOO cute! No one has ever organised something like this for me before!

                              (Me and Charlie)

(Totally loving my new silver skinnys! Only £24 from H&M)

(The guys after a few strong ones! Yes the guy on that card is nearly naked haha!)

I had an amazing night!!!
Roll on Saturday for my birthday part 2! But what to wear???! Lol, FML! ;)

Have you ever had a surprise party organised for you?

                    X Bokusouchi X