Friday, 6 April 2012

:: I need your votes!!! ::

Hey my lovelies!!!

It's time for me to be mega cheeky!
As you all know I've been working on my entry for a hairdressing competition called Destination Fame and finally the online voting has opened!!!! *squeals with excitement*

I know it's bad to ask but it would make my day if you guys would vote for me. Those with the most votes automatically go through to the finalist stages and I'd LOVE to be there!!
The finalist night is a swanky do (usually in London) where they choose the 3 winners and if I get through I will share that night with you guys of course! ;)

Voting only takes a few seconds and if you'd like you help, click the link below and it will take you straight to my entry.
Come on! Make a wee Scottish girls year! You know you want too! ;)

Destination Fame

                         X Bokusouchi X

P.S. Remember that my giveaway closes soon! You only have two days left to enter!!! Click below for details!

My Giveaway!!!!

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