Sunday, 1 April 2012

:: If you don't have anything nice to say......::

I'm on a roll with these long posts as of late!

As you know I've been working on my Destination Fame entry and I'm kinda glad the first part is over, it's the most stressful bit to be honest.
Finally I can relax a bit until the voting starts........ that was until some bitch decided to have a go at my work! Remember this picture?....


If not, this is a picture I took of Suzanne behind the scenes before she had her professional shots taken. This picture was uploaded to the salon's Facebook page (Time Salon).
Next thing I know, the comments start coming. Most of them were very positive and then one woman starts her crap.......


An unfortunate relative of Jedward? Seriously WTF???????
Now I understand that not everyone is going to like my work, heck I don't like a lot of stylists work but do you see me saying that to them?! How fucking rude!

Had this not been the salons page I would have went mental!
I was thinking of deleting the comments from this obviously perfect person but decided against it. I'm hoping that she realises how stupid she has come across.
I think the worst of it was poor Suzanne was raging(as you can see in her comments), she did a fantastic job, perfect for the look I was trying to achieve and didn't deserve this shit.
On a lighter note, the last comment had me in stitches! Ha, ha!

I chose my final picture for the competition by the way!

Time 8

What do you guys think? :)

I sent away my entry a few days ago! EEK!
The next stage of the competition is the online voting. There are 12 finalist chosen but the online voting helps push some of the entries through which I'd LOVE! So If you'd like to vote for me I'll post in a few days with details, it would make my year if you guys could! :)

On a completely differently different topic: look how freaking long my hair is getting!!!


It's getting to that really awkward in between stage, it keeps flicking and feels a bit lank but I'm still baring with it. :)
I'm going to get extensions at some point in the next few weeks, purely to give me a boost.
I'm sure if any of you have grown your hair from a really short style you'll understand where I'm coming from!
I was looking at old pictures of myself the other day and was sooooooooo tempted to cut it all off and colour it blue again (picture below)so I think I'm going to have a few different coloured extensions put in to funk it up again!
I also think it's important for my work. How can I tell my clients how to look after their extensions when I don't have on hand experience myself?


                      X Bokusouchi X


  1. If you have negative comments means you do something nice. Because it is envy wht talking from that person. Before didn`t know who is Jedward. Went to see who it is. Just one thing what is the same hairs going up :) the style how it is going is different, haircut is different. Everyone can see it. It is opinion from side. (sorry if my english not really correct)
    Wish you good luck in your work!

    1. Don't worry about your English Nikira :)

      Thank you very much for your comment <3

  2. That was really rude and unnecessary. It sucks to see how some people let out their negativity on others but you're beautiful and do a fantastic job.

  3. I know! It amazes me how rude some people can be! Thanks for that Jeimy, it's made my day <3