Monday, 2 April 2012

:: Oily skin life saver!!! ::

If, like me you have incredibly oily skin, you'll know the daily torment of finding products that actually last.
Before I started my search for the perfect products (and believe me I've tested shit loads!) I'd walk out the door feeling great and by midday my make-up was half way down my face and neck!

If you haven't seen my review on the best foundation for oily skin click HERE, it's a little expensive but trust me it's the best I've found!

So onto face powder..... again, I've been through a ton of them and was close to giving up! That was until I came across this little beauty.....


This is a MUST have for all you oily skinned girlies out there!!! I've used this for a month or so now and can't believe the difference in my skin, don't get me wrong, I still look a little dewy but that's towards the END of the day!!!

It's a loose setting powder with added anti-perspirant(which must be the key to this success of this product on my skin) which is actually used as stage make-up!

              (Me wearing Mehron setting powder in Neutral)

Their powder comes in two different shades, white and neutral. If your in doubt, get neutral. I have to warn you when you dab this on your skin it WILL go white but don't panic! Once it's settled (in a few seconds) it does go to the colour of your skin. ;)

My only complaint about this product is the P+P to the UK, I just felt it was ridiculous from their website! So I found mine on ebay from a reputable seller. (Sorry I've searched for the link but I can't find it on my ebay)

If you'd like to know more about Mehron and their products click HERE and if you'd like to do directly to the setting powder click HERE

Have any of you tried this setting powder? Thoughts?

                      X Bokusouchi X

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