Monday, 23 July 2012

:: My Trip Gran Canaria - Part 1 ::

Well folks it's finally happened! After 14 years (yes that's right and not a typo) I went on holiday! *insert crazy happy dance here*
Be prepared for ALOT of pictures! He He!!

It was all a bit spur of the moment as my friend Iona had decided she wanted to visit our friend Lauren who had moved over in March so we had to pay more than normal but I didn't care! >^_^<

So we got the Megabus down Saturday(7th) to Edinburgh and stayed the night with Iona's cousin and his boyfriend. I was a bit nervous as I'd never met them before and all of a sudden I'm spending the night but they were lovely and a great laugh. :)
Speaking of Megabus, I don't know why people moan about them. We had a comfy journey down and talk about cheap! We were only £5.50 each one way! (Tuts at transport snobs.)

We had a VERY early start on the Sunday, 2am my alarm was set for. Strange to be rising at the time considering that's normally about the time I get home from a night out. ;p

We flew with RyanAir......Now, I have heard so many bad reports about RyanAir but to be honest it was OK. Mind you, our seats where at the emergency exits so we had more leg room but the staff were very attentive and we arrived 15mins early as well! Hurrah!

                    Our 'breakfast' on the flight. Why not eh? ;)

Here's a few pictures of our room, we stayed at the Il Rondo Aparthotel. Poor Iona was stressing about it as she had booked everything and thought it was going to be a dive but we both agreed the room was fab.Just goes to show website pictures can be miss leading, they definitely didn't capture how nice the rooms are!

                                                            Our living area

                                    Our bedroom(Iona taking a picture of our balcony!)

                   DSCF0747  Panoramic view from our balcony, wish I had this view everyday! P.S. Not really sure what happened to the balcony ledge when this photo was taken ha ha!


  The two pictures above where taken outside our hotel room door.

                               The front of our hotel.

The Rondo was amazing!
They have a pool bar open till 8.30pm and another at the front of the hotel open later (see the picture above with the blue tables and chairs). They also have a sister hotel across from it with another pool and bar which we had access too with a Grill type restaurant open Sunday - Thursday which we could eat in but we had to book, which wasn't a problem.(Sorry can't remember it's name!)

The staff were super friendly too and up for a laugh which made our stay even better. They were very accommodating and even gave us free drinks! ( As we were all inclusive we had a list of drinks that we could choose from and the rest we had to pay for.)
My only gripe was that all inclusive drinks stopped at 10.30pm which was OK but when your on holiday you want to enjoy yourself a bit longer if you catch my drift! ;)

  Me enjoying my first cocktail while waiting to check in.

Want to check out Il Rondo for yourself? Click HERE to go to their website.

X Bokusouchi X