Sunday, 21 December 2014

Photoshoot Time!

You might remember from my post on Highland Fashion Week that my friend Lisa Junor has her own clothing line which was included in the line up that night.

After a brief catch up, my Mum (who's a photographer) wanted to do a collaboration to show off her designs so they set about coming up with a concept.
My Mum has just opened a studio with her friend (and fellow photographer) David, which was ideal for the location of the shoot. Also very exciting as this was the very first shoot held there!
I will go into further detail about the studio in a later post as they literally got the keys and have a lot to do to get the place ready.
With that said, the studio heating hasn't quite been sorted out and with the low temperatures in the Highlands just now to say we were cold was an understatement! However, everyone got on with it and were absolute troopers.

             A few of Lisa's creations ready to rock!

                                           Me at work on Gillian's hair.

           Lisa adjusting her creations on Laine.

                       Models Gillian and Sarah

            My Mum and David shooting Laine

        Laine and Gillian with the studio mascot

I remember when the shoot was just in the planning stages my Mum had called me to help find models/discuss hair but she also had a strange request..... could I get a hold of some used dust sheets, the dirtier the better. She wanted to use them as a back drop for the shoot, I have to say I wasn't really picturing how this would work but I managed to get some for her anyway from my boyfriend Paul.
My doubt was completely misplaced, the woman has an epic talent...... but of course I'm going to be bias.
Judge for yourself.

              Lisa after the shoot with the girls

And naturally we HAD to make sure our star of the studio was included........

I do need to give a special thanks to a vital part of the team that hasn't been mentioned yet and that's our make-up artists Sammy. She did a fantastic job on the make-up but with all the buzz of the shoot I didn't manage to get a picture of her at work but If you would like to check out her work a link to her Facebook page is provided at the end of this post, please check her out!

Please feel free to share any comments below and maybe even some name suggestions for the studio mascot!


Lisa Junor
Sherie Beazley Photography
Sammy McTastic Make-up

It's beginning to look a lot like Xmas....

Well people it's that time of year again.
Santa, the constant sound of Christmas tunes and most importantly....CHRISTMAS PAAAAAARTIES!

As you can imagine, the salon has been a hive of activity this month, although it can be stressful fitting clients in and working longer hours I always look forward to the influx of appointments for festive styling.
Requests this year have ranged from soft, loose up dos to the classic french roll but one style that has been a clear winner has been soft curls/waves.
So I've decided to give a run through of how this look can be achieved, my fabulous client Rachel has been kind enough to allow me to photograph the process. (She had booked in to get glamorous for her 6th year dance.)

Firstly, start with clean,dry hair.
Rachel didn't need prior straightening as her hair is relatively straight but if you have unruly and/or course hair you may need to smooth the hair with a round brush blow dry or (if pushed for time) straightening with a smoothing iron.

      (Setting to work! Michelle on make-up.)

Section the back from the front (as seen in the above picture) and take horizontal sections about 2 inches thick (starting at the nape of the neck) and mist with a strong hold hair spray, then curl using a styling iron.

Now to 'set' the hair for more staying power, as you curl a section, wined the curl back up and clip it into place.
I prefer to use pin curl clips (which you can pick up at any salon supply shop) you can use kirbies if need be but I find they leave marks in the hair.
Once you have pinned up each section spray again with hair spray.

When you've worked your way up the head to the crown, repeat the process on the sides of the head.
The finished result should look similar to this.....

You might be wondering I use this technique.
Basically, clipping the hair up in this way allows the hair to cool down set in the curl shape. This makes the curl last longer.
Leave the hair like this for 5-10 minutes then touch the curls to make sure the hair is cold, when cold you can remove the clips!

Looks a bit Goldilocks inspired, doesn't it?
Next take a bristle brush and thoroughly brush though the curls.
This separates and softens the curls, it will look a bit bushy but once done use your fingers to tease the curls back into form.
To look like this.....

Then finish with a good amount of hair spray.
If you are worried about the staying power of your curls I'd advise making your curls tighter as they will drop as the night goes on.

Doesn't she look gorgeous!?!

If you'd like to check out Michelle's make-up looks, please check out her Facebook page by clicking  HERE

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Official Christian MacLeod S/S 2015

There's no other way to start this post than to express how epically excited I am!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen........ we have begun shooting for Christian Macleod's new Spring/Summer line 2015!
The countdown to the CM official launch night on the 2nd of April 2015 has started. (The official launch night I shall go further into detail in a later post.)
Creativity, professionalism and of course a few chuckles are more than expected from working with this team, a truly lovely bunch!
As I haven't really gone into our team members yet let me give a brief detailing of who makes up our creative team. Firstly, we have our photographer John Paul, our fabulous make-up artist Eileen Solan, my work colleague and barber David Fisher, myself and of course Christian.
We do have other folk that come along to help/observe from time to time as well and as the shoots continue I shall introduce them.

So, what does the first shoot of Christian MacLeod's line really consist of? What is it all about?

This shoot is the first of many that are being shoot for CM's look book, for those of you that may not be familiar with that term, the look book basically showcases the brands new line.
Usually, these shoots are model based or shots of the products on there own however, this shoot was a little different than normal......


Pretty awesome, don't you think?
A brilliant collaboration between Stephen (I-Light Productions) and John Paul!

But who will be the centre stage of this shoot? None other than Christian himself.......

                     (From left to right; Eileen, Christian and David)

                     (Christian mid-shoot)

     (Stephen from I Light Productions, David Fisher, Front: Christian, myself)

The shoot was a great success but unfortunately you guys will have to make do with a few snippets of us in action for now. ;)
If you'd like to keep up with more info be sure to follow my blog...... and/or twitter @ditzydorey101 , Instagram ditzydorey101

Below are a few links for those involved....

Christian MacLeod
I-Light Productions
John Paul
Eileen Solan
David Fisher

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Highland Fashion Week A/W 2014

Well folks I had a very busy Saturday indeed!

Firstly, I attended the Highland Fashion Week's finale show.
Highland Fashion Week comprises of a week of workshops consisting of blogging workshops, make up tutorials, pop up shops and other fashion related mini events.
I didn't get the opportunity to attend any of these events due to work commitments however, I was able to make it to the fashion show at the Glenmoriston.
The show comprised of local designers, singers and performers..... as you can imagine I was delighted to come along and support this event!
Time to get the glad rags on!

Moreover, I was delighted to see my friend Lisa Junor was show casing some of her designs!!!
Lisa is local to Inverness and after studying fashion in Robert Gordon's University in Aberdeen has been setting to work on many of her designs.
I caught up with her to ask about her collection,  here's what she had to say.

"Lisa Junor fashion collection, distorted reality is based around the concepts of the Surrealist art movement. Taking inspiration from the distortion of scale, misplacements and collage i have designed and created a collection of 100% woolen oversized garments. My garments show a minimalistic silhouette combined with complex cutting techniques."

Here's a few snaps of her collection from Saturday.....

If you would like to check out more of Lisa designs check out her website at LISA JUNOR
For any enquiries/collaborations contact Lisa via e-mail

                           (Picture by Sherie Beazley Photography)

I also had a chance to catch up with the official face of Highland Fashion Week, Lydia Francis!
I originally met Lydia a few months ago for the first time on a night out and it's be brilliant watching her progress her portfolio.
I asked her about her involvement with Highland Fashion Week and modeling.....

"Well, should start at the beginning I guess! I first got into modelling barely 6 months ago so I've started relatively late in comparison to some of the other models involved with Highlands Fashion Week as a few of them are still in high school! It's all due to a meeting in the loo of Hootananny's in Inverness at close to 3am...a little worse for wear! And some random chick I'd never met asked me if I'd ever thought of modelling. Well I thought she was joking at first! But turned out she was totally serious and as a hair-stylist had a great deal of experience styling for fashion shoots etc and had a pretty good eye, and a mum who was a professional photographer and she thought I should absolutely try a test shoot at least. Yeah-it was you 😉 the fab Hayley Brazier was my push into modelling. So I'm grateful for her eye, otherwise I never would have found that this was something I both love and actually have some skill at! Something that lets me have fun with my love of fashion and dressing up haha.
But anyway, kind of went from there. My first shoot was in August with Sherie Beazley in Glasgow which despite an insane amount of nerves on my part went really well. And as Sherie was the official photographer for HFW she encouraged me to apply which I did with their 'no filter selfie' entry competition in Instagram. Garry James, one of the main organisers, contacted me, asked me to come in for a casting, at which point I met him and Zoe Ashford our expert model trainer who was also in charge of backstage, and a week or so later (during which time I freaked out thinking I hadn't made the cut) I got a call asking if I'd be interested in being their cover model. After picking jaw up from floor things went from there!
I've had the most fantastic time being involved with HFW; met so many people, from the organisers to the models to the hairstylists and make-up artists. And seeing my face in print for the first time in the promotional pieces in the local press was ridiculously exciting 😁
The main event was the finale, the fashion show on Saturday night and it went amazingly well. As my 1st ever catwalk show I would've been glad just not to fall over! But we were all really well received, the clothes were amazing-some pieces I'm sad I didn't get to take home! Everyone worked together so well backstage to pull it off and despite a slight technical difficulty or two with music ;) I think it was a great event and a really enjoyable night, for everyone on the catwalk and off of it. Or at least the guests that I asked to come along thought so! I've gained some hugely valuable experience and I'm already looking forward to the Summer fashion week! Fingers crossed I make it through casting again!"

If you'd like to keep up to date with Lydia's modeling click HERE

Monday, 8 December 2014

It's been a while!

Hello there folks!
It's been about two years since I've updated this blog, there's an absolute ton of information I could  could throw at you guys so I think a general summary is the best way to go(lets not bore the hell out of you all,ha ha!)

So about a year or so ago, I meet Christian MacLeod.
For those of you that aren't aware of Christian, he's an accessory designer from the Highlands(Scotland), his main focus being high quality belts.

He first started out in golf but it was due to an injury that Christian turned his sights to clothing and accessories at the age of sixteen, and with his advertising campaigns now reaching the likes of GQ and Vogue magazine it's safe to say his brand is going from strength to strength!
His work and dedication has recently lead to a nomination in this years Scottish Fashion Awards which was held in London. Sadly, he didn't win in the accessories category but the nomination alone was an excellent testament to how rapidly this 22 year olds brand is developing.

So,why I am telling you all this?
I was introduced to Christian by my friend and co-worker David, David had been doing some session styling for gents at his photo-shoots and was looking for a stylist to work on the hair concepts that he had involving female models.
After a meeting with Christian I was very excited to get on board, it appeared to be an excellent opportunity to work with a great creative team and most importantly excellent fun!
Let me tell you, it's been just that!

(Team picture after the first shoot I was involved in.)

It's been wonderful being part of such a great creative team!
There's loads in the pipeline, (which i shall update here) with the next campaigns due to start next Monday but below are a few of the finished shoots that I've worked on.
If you would like to now more about Christian's collection click HERE to go to his official website.

These next three images where shot in the amazing Skibo Castle last July with professional model Emma Lou.....

I will be updating with future shoots here feel free to follow and/or comment.