Monday, 8 December 2014

It's been a while!

Hello there folks!
It's been about two years since I've updated this blog, there's an absolute ton of information I could  could throw at you guys so I think a general summary is the best way to go(lets not bore the hell out of you all,ha ha!)

So about a year or so ago, I meet Christian MacLeod.
For those of you that aren't aware of Christian, he's an accessory designer from the Highlands(Scotland), his main focus being high quality belts.

He first started out in golf but it was due to an injury that Christian turned his sights to clothing and accessories at the age of sixteen, and with his advertising campaigns now reaching the likes of GQ and Vogue magazine it's safe to say his brand is going from strength to strength!
His work and dedication has recently lead to a nomination in this years Scottish Fashion Awards which was held in London. Sadly, he didn't win in the accessories category but the nomination alone was an excellent testament to how rapidly this 22 year olds brand is developing.

So,why I am telling you all this?
I was introduced to Christian by my friend and co-worker David, David had been doing some session styling for gents at his photo-shoots and was looking for a stylist to work on the hair concepts that he had involving female models.
After a meeting with Christian I was very excited to get on board, it appeared to be an excellent opportunity to work with a great creative team and most importantly excellent fun!
Let me tell you, it's been just that!

(Team picture after the first shoot I was involved in.)

It's been wonderful being part of such a great creative team!
There's loads in the pipeline, (which i shall update here) with the next campaigns due to start next Monday but below are a few of the finished shoots that I've worked on.
If you would like to now more about Christian's collection click HERE to go to his official website.

These next three images where shot in the amazing Skibo Castle last July with professional model Emma Lou.....

I will be updating with future shoots here feel free to follow and/or comment.

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