Thursday, 18 December 2014

Official Christian MacLeod S/S 2015

There's no other way to start this post than to express how epically excited I am!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen........ we have begun shooting for Christian Macleod's new Spring/Summer line 2015!
The countdown to the CM official launch night on the 2nd of April 2015 has started. (The official launch night I shall go further into detail in a later post.)
Creativity, professionalism and of course a few chuckles are more than expected from working with this team, a truly lovely bunch!
As I haven't really gone into our team members yet let me give a brief detailing of who makes up our creative team. Firstly, we have our photographer John Paul, our fabulous make-up artist Eileen Solan, my work colleague and barber David Fisher, myself and of course Christian.
We do have other folk that come along to help/observe from time to time as well and as the shoots continue I shall introduce them.

So, what does the first shoot of Christian MacLeod's line really consist of? What is it all about?

This shoot is the first of many that are being shoot for CM's look book, for those of you that may not be familiar with that term, the look book basically showcases the brands new line.
Usually, these shoots are model based or shots of the products on there own however, this shoot was a little different than normal......


Pretty awesome, don't you think?
A brilliant collaboration between Stephen (I-Light Productions) and John Paul!

But who will be the centre stage of this shoot? None other than Christian himself.......

                     (From left to right; Eileen, Christian and David)

                     (Christian mid-shoot)

     (Stephen from I Light Productions, David Fisher, Front: Christian, myself)

The shoot was a great success but unfortunately you guys will have to make do with a few snippets of us in action for now. ;)
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Below are a few links for those involved....

Christian MacLeod
I-Light Productions
John Paul
Eileen Solan
David Fisher

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