Sunday, 21 December 2014

Photoshoot Time!

You might remember from my post on Highland Fashion Week that my friend Lisa Junor has her own clothing line which was included in the line up that night.

After a brief catch up, my Mum (who's a photographer) wanted to do a collaboration to show off her designs so they set about coming up with a concept.
My Mum has just opened a studio with her friend (and fellow photographer) David, which was ideal for the location of the shoot. Also very exciting as this was the very first shoot held there!
I will go into further detail about the studio in a later post as they literally got the keys and have a lot to do to get the place ready.
With that said, the studio heating hasn't quite been sorted out and with the low temperatures in the Highlands just now to say we were cold was an understatement! However, everyone got on with it and were absolute troopers.

             A few of Lisa's creations ready to rock!

                                           Me at work on Gillian's hair.

           Lisa adjusting her creations on Laine.

                       Models Gillian and Sarah

            My Mum and David shooting Laine

        Laine and Gillian with the studio mascot

I remember when the shoot was just in the planning stages my Mum had called me to help find models/discuss hair but she also had a strange request..... could I get a hold of some used dust sheets, the dirtier the better. She wanted to use them as a back drop for the shoot, I have to say I wasn't really picturing how this would work but I managed to get some for her anyway from my boyfriend Paul.
My doubt was completely misplaced, the woman has an epic talent...... but of course I'm going to be bias.
Judge for yourself.

              Lisa after the shoot with the girls

And naturally we HAD to make sure our star of the studio was included........

I do need to give a special thanks to a vital part of the team that hasn't been mentioned yet and that's our make-up artists Sammy. She did a fantastic job on the make-up but with all the buzz of the shoot I didn't manage to get a picture of her at work but If you would like to check out her work a link to her Facebook page is provided at the end of this post, please check her out!

Please feel free to share any comments below and maybe even some name suggestions for the studio mascot!


Lisa Junor
Sherie Beazley Photography
Sammy McTastic Make-up


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