Tuesday, 27 January 2015

My weekend of shoots (Part 2)

I've mentioned in earlier posts that Christian Macleod will be launching his new belt collection this April and on the up run to the big event Christian has been putting images together for his look book.

Previously, there was going to be a female model that I was going to be styling but it was decided that it would be best to do two separate shoots as the day was already pretty jam packed.
Although I wasn't doing hair, Christian invited me to come along to assist!

You might just recognise Christian's model for the day from the Haig Club Whiskey advert with David Beckham, Craig McGinlay.

                                      David setting to work on location.

Two of the contributors for the shoot were GQ magazine and Calterdon BMW who provided a silver X6 especially for the shoot. I'm not a petrol head by any means but the car was pretty superb!

We had a bit of a change up from our usual team as well....
The shots were taken by Scottish photographer Stewart Bryden who has worked with some of the worlds most up and coming brands, celebrities and agencies. Callum Clark (Stewart's assistant) came along too to help out and make up was done by Molly Sheridan, who regularly works on editorial, film and television to name but a few.
Also, Glasgow based model Chris John Millington came along to help assist too.

        A designers job is never done, get those wheels clean Christian! ;)

The first half of the shoot was on one of the roads outside Christian's flat, we then moved on to the front of the Corinthian. (The location of the launch party in April)

It was absolutely freezing on the streets of Glasgow so after the shoot some serious munch was needed and Christian had been raving about a Mexican placed called Pinto.

What a beast of a burrito!!!
I think I've found my new favourite fast food place in Glasgow, bring on April Pinto's a plenty!!

Stewart Bryden Photography
Calterdon BMW
Christian MacLeod
Craig McGinlay
Molly Sheridan
The Corinthian Club
David Fisher
Chris John Millington
Callum Clark

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

My weekend of shoots! (Part 1)

Last weekend was a hive of activity for me in regards to photo shoots so I've decided to put this in the form of two posts as both shoots were very different.

My first shoot was on Saturday night at The Lighthouse Studio and in a bit of a twist I was given the task of not only doing the hair but the styling for the clothes too! A bit nerve raking but brilliant fun!
The concept of the shoot was to create four looks from Primark with a budget of £100, time to hit the high street for some serious shopping!
Here are two of my favourite looks I came up with.....

I've never styled a shoot before and the easiest way to go about choosing the clothes was to think of looks that I personally would wear day-to-day.
I was over the moon when our two models Laine and Gillian loved the outfits I'd chosen for them so any nerves I'd had previously were put to rest.

Kay Wiik was our make-up artist on the night, she has been doing make-up for 2 years and started out her training at The Academy of Makeup in Glasgow.
It was a pleasure to meet her and her work was second to none.....

I managed to get two of the finished images (courtesy of Sherie Beazley Photography) ........

These images will be part of a feature in next month's Knock News so keep an eye out!

Links and Credits

Sherie Beazley Photography
KayV Makeup Artist
Knock News

Friday, 16 January 2015

Want your man to be more stylish? Be careful what you wish for!

With the festive period firmly behind us, it's time to look to the new trends that will be adorning fashionistas, bloggers, celebrities and our high streets.

At the tail end of last year there was a blaze of action during the fashion weeks in New York, London, Paris and Milan, the hot trends where showcased for Spring/Summer 2015.
Patchwork denim, 70s glamour (think flares, fur and metallic), romantic lace, androgynous tailoring, monochrome and many more.

But what about the fellas? Ever wish your man would get more fashion savvy?
Injections of bold colour were noted on Burberry's jackets, Bottega Veneta featured 'slashed to the naval shirts' (A la Harry Styles) and tailored blazers are a must!

Sound good to you ladies?

Perhaps you should check out some of the (erm) other trends seen on the catwalk before you push your other half into a wardrobe change....

Got an unhealthy obsession with the film Aladdin?
Well London designer Nasir Mazhar is your guy!
His collection for men consisted of metallic jacquard material/street wear.

Perhaps, your BAE (God, I hate that abbreviation so much! *shudders*) could do with a bit of colour in their lives? .....or a lot.
If so Katie Eary's collection is perfect.

And finally! The pièce de résistance.........

I'm not really sure what Sibling's train of thought was for this 'statement' piece but it's so brilliantly eccentric and awful!
What is IT?! WHY?!
You've got to love the wacky world of the runway!

Thursday, 15 January 2015

The weird and erm, wonderful? (Not for the squeamish!)

Well it's another snowy day in tranquil Inverdruie.
Today's inventory shall consist of a bit of pampering, getting cosy beside the fire and, well not doing very much!
On lazy days I love nothing better than seeing what oddities the world wide web has to offer ...As always the world of fashion never disappoints.


Ok so you've been warned.....
Let me introduce Naomi Kizhner.
Naomi has created a jewellery collection entitled Energy Addicts as part of her graduation project at Jerusalem’s Hadassah College and it's not for the faint hearted!

                                   (Images are not property of this site)

The collection has three pieces named (from left to right) The Blinker, The Blood Bridge and The E-Pulse.
Each piece have needles that hook into the wearers veins and converts movement and blood flow into energy which could (in theory) be used to charge your mobile phone.

Fear not, you won't be finding these unusual trinkets in your local shops.
Kizhner has simply created the collection to provoke us to rethink our relationship with technology and if future energy supplies deplete, are we willing to go as far as to use ourselves as a natural resource?

Would you be brave enough to wear Kizhner's designs?
Personally, I think I'll pass! EEEK!

To view Naomi's website, click here!

Now to Dutch based designer Anouk Wipprecht who has taken wearable technology to the next level....

                                    (Images are not property of this site)

Sick of creeps hitting on you at the bar?
Well the spider dress might just be for you!
The dress (which features robotic legs) two sets of monitors to measure the distance from those around you and the other measures your breathing patterns.

From this information it will 'poke' people away from you if your not 'feeling' it or it will invite them closer.....sort of like a robotic wingwoman.
I wonder if this could help you get to the bar quicker on a Saturday night?

Thoughts on Anouk's dress?

To check out more of Anouk's designs click here!

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

5 of my favourtie things......

The weather certainly has had a dramatic change in Scotland.....

As you can see, we've had a 'little' snowfall as of late.
As pretty as it looks the weather does cause a bit of disruption especially with transport and unfortunately, I was unable to get to work in Inverness yesterday.
After over an hour of waiting for the bus, I had to admit defeat and head back home, I'm not particularly a fan of being out in the cold!

So I thought I'd take this time to share with you all my 5 favourite items/products at the moment!

Happy Skin!

I've been plagued with the hassle of having oily/acne prone skin which can be a nightmare as you never know when a spot is going to rear it's ugly head!
I have to say I LOVE Sudocrem for dealing with spots.
Just a small amount on the affected area helps reduce the size and redness overnight.
I've used Sudocrem for years, I swear by it and always keep a handbag sized tub with me.

Secondly, oily skin has a disadvantage when it comes to make-up durability.
For those of you with oily skin, you'll know only too well that horrible feeling mid-morning when you can almost feel your foundation slipping off your skin.....Great!!
I've recently come across Younique's Glorious Mineral Make-up Primer and it's brilliant!
My skin feels amazingly smooth, giving me the perfect canvas for my foundation. Moreover, it helps my make-up last all day and doesn't feel heavy on my skin. Hurrah!

My New Wrap Around

I'm in love with my new wrap around from Missguided, it goes with everything!
It's great for layering up during winter or if your just feeling a 'wee chill'.
It took me a while to choose this wrap to be truthful, I could spend hours on Missguided's site!


My boyfriend recently introduced me to the joys of chopped cherry tomatoes with a sprinkling of rock salt and now I crave them constantly!
Can I get away with this being healthy??
Probably not right?

Red Lips

For me, red lipstick can add a bit of glam to most looks and it's a great day-to-night product if your in a rush. (That's why I always keep a red lippy in my handbag....well, you never know what the week has in store!)
I have a few different shades of red because I love the colour so much, but my shade of choice just now is No7 in Glam. I sometimes finish off with a slick of clear gloss depending on my mood.

What's your favourite items?

No7 (Take's you to Boots website)

Monday, 12 January 2015

We made front cover!!!

You might remember from an earlier post that I was part of a photo shoot for my friend Lisa's clothing line. ( If you want to check out that post click HERE)
I've just had the fantastic news that one of the images has made the front cover of the Knock News!

I'd just like to take this opportunity to give everyone involved a big WELL DONE!!!!
There's nothing more gratifying once you've worked on a shoot, than seeing it being published.
I have to say this particular image was a definite favourite of mine and more so that my friend Laine has been featured in a front cover as this was her first time modelling, she's a natural!
My mum (who did the photography) has even printed out the image to hang in her new photography studio....

How amazing is that?!
It's going to look brilliant once it's been framed!

If you'd like to check out the issue for yourself, the magazine is free in most shops around the Aberdeen area or alternatively you can check out the Knock News website for their E-zine, just click HERE

Monday, 5 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, I hope you all had a lovely festive period!
There's nothing better than good food and drink with the family.
This was my niece Alexis's first Christmas and what do you get a new born? Her first parka of course!!

I love this picture, it always makes me laugh!!!
But on another note, you might notice something a bit different about me in this picture?
Yes, I got hair extensions done!

I've wanted to get hair extensions done professionally for a while and have been using clip-ins for a good while but as much as I've yearned for them I knew it was important to do my research and not just  rush it to it.
Lets be honest, it's a lot of money to spend to then not be happy in a few weeks time!
I knew from my previous training that I didn't want glue or any sort of system involving heat, I'm also not a fan of wefts using braiding etc.
To me, a cold fusion system was the only route I was happy to take!

How did I find my hair technician?
Being a hairdresser, not only do you get recommendations from your clients, you get to see the work and judge it for yourself!
That's what lead me to Jen Fraser.
Jen works out of the newly opened salon The Doll's House in Inverness (which is beautiful inside!)and has been doing hair extensions for about 10 years.
After having my consultation I was sold! Jen is not only a lovely girl but very professional too.

I'm now going to go through the hair extension process that I went through....

After my consultation, Jen gave me a small bottle of shampoo to use on the day of my appointment.
Basically this is a deep clarifying shampoo, you need your hair to be as clean as possible but NO conditioner!!! Conditioner makes the hair too slippy and you want as much grip in the hair as possible so your extensions last.

Here's how my hair looked before.

My hair felt HORRIBLE but that's to be expected when you've not conditioned.
Jen uses a range of different hair companies but we decided on EasiLocks.
EasiLocks use 100% human hair that's resusable and uses no heat, no glue, no sewing and no braiding.
Jen was personally trained by founder Shane O'Sullivan so I knew I was in good hands.
How impressive are those bonds?!

And here are the results.....

I'm absolutely in love with my new hair!!!
Surprisingly, it doesn't feel tight or heavy at all.

Jen gave me a take home kit consisting of her own brand Shampoo, conditioner, protein spray and instructions for aftercare. (She would usually include a brush but she knew I had my own Tangle Teezer.)

I've had my extensions for two weeks now and the only gripe I've had has been drying them but considering I've only been washing them once a week I really can't complain!

If you would like more information on EasiLocks click HERE
If you'd like to contact Jen, click HERE to go to her Facebook page