Monday, 5 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, I hope you all had a lovely festive period!
There's nothing better than good food and drink with the family.
This was my niece Alexis's first Christmas and what do you get a new born? Her first parka of course!!

I love this picture, it always makes me laugh!!!
But on another note, you might notice something a bit different about me in this picture?
Yes, I got hair extensions done!

I've wanted to get hair extensions done professionally for a while and have been using clip-ins for a good while but as much as I've yearned for them I knew it was important to do my research and not just  rush it to it.
Lets be honest, it's a lot of money to spend to then not be happy in a few weeks time!
I knew from my previous training that I didn't want glue or any sort of system involving heat, I'm also not a fan of wefts using braiding etc.
To me, a cold fusion system was the only route I was happy to take!

How did I find my hair technician?
Being a hairdresser, not only do you get recommendations from your clients, you get to see the work and judge it for yourself!
That's what lead me to Jen Fraser.
Jen works out of the newly opened salon The Doll's House in Inverness (which is beautiful inside!)and has been doing hair extensions for about 10 years.
After having my consultation I was sold! Jen is not only a lovely girl but very professional too.

I'm now going to go through the hair extension process that I went through....

After my consultation, Jen gave me a small bottle of shampoo to use on the day of my appointment.
Basically this is a deep clarifying shampoo, you need your hair to be as clean as possible but NO conditioner!!! Conditioner makes the hair too slippy and you want as much grip in the hair as possible so your extensions last.

Here's how my hair looked before.

My hair felt HORRIBLE but that's to be expected when you've not conditioned.
Jen uses a range of different hair companies but we decided on EasiLocks.
EasiLocks use 100% human hair that's resusable and uses no heat, no glue, no sewing and no braiding.
Jen was personally trained by founder Shane O'Sullivan so I knew I was in good hands.
How impressive are those bonds?!

And here are the results.....

I'm absolutely in love with my new hair!!!
Surprisingly, it doesn't feel tight or heavy at all.

Jen gave me a take home kit consisting of her own brand Shampoo, conditioner, protein spray and instructions for aftercare. (She would usually include a brush but she knew I had my own Tangle Teezer.)

I've had my extensions for two weeks now and the only gripe I've had has been drying them but considering I've only been washing them once a week I really can't complain!

If you would like more information on EasiLocks click HERE
If you'd like to contact Jen, click HERE to go to her Facebook page


  1. Omg love your curls! How did you style your hair?

    1. Hi Katie, sorry for the late reply, I haven't been blogging for a few months......It was styled using a large barrel curling tong and brused through. :)