Friday, 16 January 2015

Want your man to be more stylish? Be careful what you wish for!

With the festive period firmly behind us, it's time to look to the new trends that will be adorning fashionistas, bloggers, celebrities and our high streets.

At the tail end of last year there was a blaze of action during the fashion weeks in New York, London, Paris and Milan, the hot trends where showcased for Spring/Summer 2015.
Patchwork denim, 70s glamour (think flares, fur and metallic), romantic lace, androgynous tailoring, monochrome and many more.

But what about the fellas? Ever wish your man would get more fashion savvy?
Injections of bold colour were noted on Burberry's jackets, Bottega Veneta featured 'slashed to the naval shirts' (A la Harry Styles) and tailored blazers are a must!

Sound good to you ladies?

Perhaps you should check out some of the (erm) other trends seen on the catwalk before you push your other half into a wardrobe change....

Got an unhealthy obsession with the film Aladdin?
Well London designer Nasir Mazhar is your guy!
His collection for men consisted of metallic jacquard material/street wear.

Perhaps, your BAE (God, I hate that abbreviation so much! *shudders*) could do with a bit of colour in their lives? .....or a lot.
If so Katie Eary's collection is perfect.

And finally! The pièce de résistance.........

I'm not really sure what Sibling's train of thought was for this 'statement' piece but it's so brilliantly eccentric and awful!
What is IT?! WHY?!
You've got to love the wacky world of the runway!

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