Tuesday, 26 April 2016

The perfect vegan coffee?

It's now 30 days into my 90 day vegan challenge and I have to say it's been a lot easier than I first thought it would have been, I think being pecsetarian prior to doing this challenge has definitely helped.


There has been a few teething problems on the road however, one of which I'll go over in this post......... Coffee.

God, I love me some coffee! Problem? The cream......... Now, I know it's not usual to drink cream in your coffee in the UK but I got hooked on it about a year ago, milk just doesn't cut it anymore.
With that in mind I had to try to figure out how to still enjoy my morning coffee whilst still staying vegan. Off to the health food shop I go!


I was quite pleased when I came across these two products initially, 100% positive I was going to find a coffee cream to replace my dairy filled friend.
Not the case.
Both looked and tasted great to begin with but after a few minutes, started to separate and curdle. Fine if you can guarantee that you won't be looking at what you are drinking.*Boke*

My next resort was to hit the internet and see if I could find a recipe, which was where I encountered my next issue. Each recipe had a list of ingredients as long as my arm, who can be bothered with that first thing in the morning?!

So I decided to do a bit of experimenting and after a few horrendous attempts I've come up with this version that's both creamy and a hell of a lot quicker!

What you will need........


3/4 cup of Almond Milk (or anyother non-dairy milk)
1-2 tsp of your favorite instant coffee
1 tbsp coconut oil (DON'T SKIP THIS INGREDIENT)
1/2 ground cinnamon (I usually add a bit more, I love cinnamon!)
Your favorite vegan sweetener to taste, I'll be using Agave syrup

Also, I'm using a Nutri Ninja as I don't have a fancy food processor, you could use a hand blender but you could run the risk of getting burned.

1) Take your almond milk and heat.....you can either do this in the microwave or heat on the hob.

2) Pop your coconut oil, coffee and cinnamon into the Ninja followed by the hot almond milk.

3) Blitz for 10-20 seconds till nice and foamy..... transfer into your cup, add sweetener(If desired) and your done!


This is such a lovely drink and you could even replace the coffee with cacao powder to make hot chocolate!

Hope you guys enjoy this recipe as much as I do, drop me a comment and let me know how you got on.

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